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If you are a fan of Japanese variety shows or dramas, you might realise that other than catching your favourite members on their regular shows, they pop up quite a bit in the commercials in between too. And that particular marketing move-- endorsement, is one of the main ways advertisers in Japan favour getting you to buy their products.

What that means for fangirls like you and me is that you get to see your idols' faces literally every where, even if you're nowhere near him/them in real life (heartbreak). But really, posters on buildings, cookies and even delivery vans... It's definitely something I can get used to in my daily life \(^-^)/

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Big move to Tokyo soon, until my next post! (:
29th-Mar-2016 08:26 pm - spring in fukuoka: sakura
So much firsts these few days: first time in Fukuoka, first time experiencing the sakura season, and also first time experiencing hanami ♥︎


Hello all! We are proud to bring to you our first pre-order for 2016, the official goods for the movie Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ~sotsugyo-hen~ aka Assassination Classroom: Graduation Edition!

Please place an order only if you agree to the following conditions:

  • All items will be shipped from Japan in the first week April

  • Shipping costs (by registered SAL, registered airmail or EMS only) are not included in the below prices and will vary according the items ordered and your location

  • Full payment is due within 24 hours of the invoice being sent or before 20th March, whichever earlier

  • Payment in SGD via Paypal only for international buyers, Paypal or interbank transfer for Singapore buyers

  • All paid orders are final, and cannot be changed or cancelled

  • In the case of any of the items being out of stock, refund will be given for the OOS item but not the transaction fees paid to Paypal

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Lastly, we are also considering doing a pre-order next for these Right-on Ansatsu Kyoushitsu T-shirts, to be confirmed in about 2 weeks. Do keep your eyes out for it!

P.S. You can see sales feedback for my previous pre-order here.
8th-Mar-2016 11:07 pm - lj revival
Hello all!

This LJ is officially (on the way) to being revived!

While I have been spending more time in Europe recently than in Japan, we (me and my *ahem* partner-in-crime Mew) will be rowing over (?) soon to Japan to spend about half year there \(^^)/ \(^^)/ \(^^)/

As such, updates, reports and especially pre-orders, will be happening here soon. We are still in the midst of sorting out the logistics and the real life problems of physically moving over, but we intend to keep everyone here posted~

Please watch this LJ ♥︎

(?) 'cause flying is waaaayyyyyyy overrated, we row.
Kidding XD
1st-Jun-2014 01:19 am - 20140513 music on! tv - guts!
Been sick these few days and hence have the time to catch up on fandom and do stuff like this, but hey, not complaining! ♥

Picture 5
video cr: matsujundomi@wb

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I like GUTS! because it's a really catchy song, but stays true to the style of baseball tournament support songs. The dance choreography incorporated some glaringly obvious baseball moves that might not sit well with some, but I'm okay with that. I like how they're goofing off in the PV though! XD

That's all for today! Thanks for reading ♥

And the theme for today's Kei-talk corner is... Yama-chan!

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*Live With Me - Hey! Say! JUMP's concert at Tokyo Dome on the 10th and 11th of May

Was able to listen to the entire programme thanks to ryora@wb

My first translation in a while, also my first radio translation although not the full thing!

It's a cute episode, hope you like it!

I'm currently not a member of any JUMP comms, so this translation will just remain here... XD
Please also feel free to introduce me to JUMP comms I should be joining!

Comments are ♥
20th-May-2014 11:48 pm - quick update
Not exactly back from my unannounced long hiatus, but thought I'd give a quick update to anyone interested if any!

In the 5 months that I disappeared from LJ, I did the following:

  • Finished a 10,000-word long thesis

  • Successfully graduated from university with a degree

  • Started editing my thesis over again for publication in a scientific journal

  • Bought NEWS' LE version of their 10th anniversary concert

  • Fell for Hey! Say! JUMP as well

  • Got myself a (return) ticket to UK and back for August

  • With the intention of staying in Europe for 2 and a half months

  • Ended up with 3 part-time jobs currently in a bid to earn as much money as I can before flying over

Oh, and I registered for JLPT N2 on the 1st July too.

Juggling those jobs aren't easy, and I hardly have time for fandom now (T.T)

So I'm guessing, other than a perhaps a random bite-size piece of translation work here and there, I pretty much can't commit to anything fandom-related until October?

So I'm declaring another long hiatus, maybe? I really don't know XD

Lastly, I'm very sorry, haruka and air, for not being able to fulfil my promised translation work m(_ _)m
Gross overestimation of my own time-management ability! :S
All the best for the comm! (^^)/

1st-Dec-2013 11:08 pm - december
It's the last month of 2013, hope everyone is doing well!

I don't particularly appreciate football myself, but I watch NTV's Soccer Earth every now and then because of Tegoshi.

All I have to say is, as a Tegoshi fan, you have to watch him when he travels overseas for football-related work.

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I'll be busy working on my graduating thesis through Christmas and New Year, until the end of January, but I can tell you what I'm looking forward to in January:

1/3 - Kagiheya SP
1/5 - ItteQ SP
1/19 - TV Asahi's 25th Anniversary Drama SP (where Tegoshi plays the villain!!)

Can I just say I feel so proud of Tegoshi for landing a role in such an important drama?? And playing the antagonist too!! 2014 will surely be a good year for NEWS (:

P. S. Welcome back, Kei-kun! A lot of us have been missing you and your keys ♥
25th-Nov-2013 02:29 am - 7 years of aaa in 23 minutes
Saw these videos of clips of AAA over the years put together by a Japanese fan, had to share!

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I pretty much walked the whole course of my teenage years listening to them, and I still think they're the best singing/dancing unit out there!

Hope to be able to go for their concert one day too ♥
19th-Sep-2013 09:24 pm - update + NEWS goods queue report
An update because I'm back from my unannounced hiatus! :D

The hiatus being my last exams in university, with NEWS's 10th Anniversary concert sandwiched in between my last two papers.

Yes, I know I'm awesome crazy for taking a vacation right smack in the midst of my exams, but in defence, I'd say I still had about 10 days to study for my last paper. In reality, it's slightly less than 10 days because I took a few days to recover from travel fatigue/post-holiday blues/whatever else you call that sad period after returning from a lovely holiday. So, no, I still wouldn't recommend anyone scooting off for a holiday in the middle of your exams unless you are well-prepared in advance.

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I might write a concert report because the concert was wonderful, but I think I'll work on the long overdued subs for juyoerai first... Sorry to keep you waiting for the longest time, airupnorth and stephaniejsc!!!

Thanks for reading ♥
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